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Attachment files truncated

Started by Antonio Goncalves, November 10, 2009, 07:23:57 PM

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Antonio Goncalves


I am unable to download attachments on the messages. I am getting all files truncated, for example:


File size displayed on the forum message:  697.07 KB
File size I get: 694.4 KB (711.084 bytes).

This is happening on all attachments, and I tried to download using Opera 10.01, IE 6, Free Download Manager 3.0 and Total Commander 7.03. Is this happening only with me? Could someone check this?


Paul Squires

Not sure why you are not getting the attachments. I haven't heard of anyone else with the problem. Antivirus program maybe getting in the way? Maybe a download accelerator/manger getting int he way?

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