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Sample SQL/SQLitening AdBook project

Started by Marty Francom, November 11, 2009, 04:57:49 pm

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Marty Francom

Attached is a sample AddressBook project.   This is an improved version of the previously posted example.  This program uses SQLite/SQLitening 1.20  and FF3 and PB9.  Some of the features of the program:

* Six indexes - you can switch between index via a radiobutton

* Create and save new records

* Modify/edit records

*Delete records

*Search/Find Records

*Browse Records by selected index    via an Up/Down Arrow control

*displays the SLQ command string being executed (hellp in understand how the program works.

Note: the main window is devide into two parts:  the upper portion of the window has text fileds that display the currect record's fields.  The lower portion of the window, lists where you are in the database, it shows three records previous to the current record and three record after the currect record.  These are displayed in current index sort order.  There's an Up/Down Arrow control that allows you to move to the next or the previous record.  This is done in a similar way that Cheetah was able to do next/prev.

I would appreciate feed back as to your impression of the ease/difficult in working with or understanding this sample program.

Also, if you have recommendations how I might improve the program, please share.

The project comes with a small sample database.  It is set up to run locally no server needs to be setup.  You can either load the program in FF3 and Compile/RUN   or  just run the  AdBook.EXE  that's in the "release" directory.

One thing you might like to test is to add 10,000s record and see what the preformace is like.   If you you do, please report back your findings.   


October 28, 2011, 07:12:09 pm #1 Last Edit: November 05, 2011, 09:12:47 am by cj
Like the program a lot!

These are only suggestions:
Ability to use keyboard to navigate to first,last,previous,next.
First and last records are blank instead of showing first and last records with data.
Display dates like 11-10-2009 instead of 20091110
Some masked edit for fields (totally optional, fine as is.)
Ability to search on any column
Ability to sort on any combination of columns ascending or descending
Activate print button.
Print preview
Add first, next, previous and next buttons or menu items.
ListView at bottom might be changed to read only

With over 600 views and 178 downloads, I'm the only one to make a comment?