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Question for Bogdan

Started by Marty Francom, February 03, 2010, 06:01:09 AM

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Marty Francom

When I get my Apothesoft program converted to a SQLite database.   I will be needing a Tool such as SQLiteExpert to be able to do basic maintenance/Editing.  Fixing value in fields and other such stuff that customers are able to find ways to screw up.

For my current Xbase, I have a simple tool cPet that I could leave on the clients computer and when needed I do remote Internet Tech Support  and use it to fix problems.

Do you have available a stripped down version of SQLiteExpert that would have these features:    ?
   1)  Simple/Small  EXE no install require    (single exe file)
   2)  Just needs to be able to edit fields
   3)  Can be included with my install so that it's there when needed
   4)  Password require to run it ... to prevent to prevent customers unintended use

Also, if anyone knows of such a Tool,  please tell me about it.

    Are you still working on that SqLite editor....  If  I remember correctly you were working on a program that could possibly be used in this manor.    How's that project coming?

The most important property for the Tool would be that it required a password to run.  I would want to limit the chance that a customer would find the tool and run it and ransack their database,  so a password require to run it is a necessary.

Bogdan Ureche


Quote from: Marty Francom on February 03, 2010, 06:01:09 AM
Do you have available a stripped down version of SQLiteExpert that would have these features:    ?

The Personal Edition comes close, but it does not require a password to run. You can distribute just the EXE file and it will run fine, except it won't find the help file. It does not require an external sqlite3.dll.

If you want to prevent (presumably non-technical) users from running it and screwing things up, there are other ways without using a password.

But since this topic is not SQLitening related and I'm not sure how long would the SQLitening guys tolerate questions related to SQLite Expert, I suggest we move discussion to the SQLite Expert forum. I'm setting it up now and will post a link on the web site when it's ready.

Marty Francom

Bogdan,  Perfect...  I will continue discussion there when you f]have site setup.  thanks