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Started by John Messingham, June 20, 2010, 07:53:25 pm

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John Messingham

June 20, 2010, 07:53:25 pm Last Edit: June 20, 2010, 07:55:12 pm by John Messingham

I am just looking into sqlitening and seem to have hit a snag.

I have installed the server on an XP pro machine and can run the exampleA.exe program against it locally but cannot seem to connect to the database server over the network from a Vista PC (tried it the other way as well with no luck).

I have shutdown all firewalls on both machines and can ping both ways. I appreciate this maybe a network issue but I wondered if anyone else has had similar problems as I do not have any other network issues.

I am using sqlitening 1.30.
Many Thanks
John Messingham

D. Wilson

1) I would check to make sure the server is running (check the administration program)

2) Check the config file. Make sure the computer IP address or computer name is in the config file. Look at the reference manual.

2) Check your port forwarding on your router. I know when I first started using SQLitening I could not access my
server from an external IP address. Also make sure the router is not blocking the port.

3) Using the Windows firewall is no problem. Just make sure the port is opened.

It is probally something very simple. Once I got the installation figured out. SQLitening has worked flawless. I have it installed on 3 or 4 systems and have found these are the issues that I have encountered.

I am amazed at how powerfull SQLitening is. I have setup MySQL servers but SQLitening has it beat. I think for most needs SQLitening will fit the bill.

John Messingham

Cheers for that, as you were typing I was looking at the config file again and realised I had edited the wrong one. So I will put this one down to a connection error between me and the computer.

Your comments regarding sqlitening are most welcome as I am looking at using it for my next project so all recommendations are helpful.
Many Thanks
John Messingham