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Preview 1.5

Started by Fred Meier, June 07, 2011, 09:41:21 PM

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Fred Meier

Here is a preview of the major changes coming in 1.5.  Depending on your
feed back, SQLitening 1.5 should be available first part of July.

--- Improved the optional Where parameter in slBuildInsertOrUpdate
    as follows: If the Where value is omitted or is an empty string ("")
    then will build an Insert statement else will build an Update statement.
    When building an Update statement and the Where value is not "*" then a
    Where clause will be appended as " Where " and then the Where value. If
    the Where value is "*" then the Update statement will not have a Where
    clause (Caution: All records in table will be updated!).

--- When a client process ends it normally notifies the server and the
    connection is closed.  For unknown reasons this does not happen
    sometimes, resulting in a Half-Open connection.  To assure this is
    trapped, SQLiteningClient was changed to insure a message is sent at
    least every two minutes. If no real message has been sent then a "ImHere"
    message will be sent.  Also changed SQLiteningServer to close a connection
    if no message has been received for three minutes.  This type of
    close will be logged as "WentAway".

--- Add a new command/function called slGetDatabaseAndFileNames.
    Returns a list of database and file names that are currently opened and
    attached.  The name entries are returned as a delimited text string which
    is $NUL separated.  Each entry contains two elements, a database name and
    a file name.  The two elements are separated by the vertical bar (|)
    character.  The first entry is always the Main database from the slOpen
    command.  The second entry will be the Temp database, but only if there
    are temporary tables currently created.  The rest of the entries, if any,
    will be the attached databases.  There are no file names assigned to
    temporary tables nor temporary databases. 

--- Add a new command/function called slGetFieldDataTypes.
    Returns the data type for each of the columns in the selected row.
    The SQLite data types are: 1=Integer, 2=Float, 3=Text, 4=Blob, 5=Null.

--- Changed the name of ZLib.Dll to SQLiteningZLib.Dll to avoid conflicts with
    other application that also use ZLib, but a different one.  There are two
    freely available, ZLib1.Dll and ZLibWApi.Dll which are normally renamed to
    just ZLib.Dll.  ZLibWApi.Dll has all the functions of ZLib.Dll plus the
    ability to create and read .Zip files.  ZLibWApi.Dll uses standard calling
    conventions while ZLib1.Dll uses the C calling convention therefore they
    are not interchangeable.  ZLibWApi.Dll, renamed to SQLiteningZLib.Dll, is
    the one used with SQLiteing. 

-- Added the slSelBind function in order to avoid SQL injection and to improve
   Unicode processing.