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Started by Jim Dunn, December 23, 2010, 09:40:22 am

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Jim Dunn


I just noticed I have this SQLiteningInc_v140.zip file in my SQLITE folder... I'm not sure where I got it and am hoping someone can point me back to the original URL ???  I was only able to find SQLitening_140.zip online.

Thx!!  : )

Here's the contents:

D:\PBcode\SQLitening140>unzip -t SQLiteningInc_v140.zip
Archive:  SQLiteningInc_v140.zip
    testing: SQLitening/              OK
    testing: SQLitening/slAttach.inc   OK
    testing: SQLitening/slBuildBindDat.inc   OK
    testing: SQLitening/slBuildInsertOrUpdate.inc   OK
    testing: SQLitening/slClose.inc   OK
    testing: SQLitening/slCloseSet.inc   OK
    testing: SQLitening/slConnect.inc   OK
    testing: SQLitening/slConvertDat.inc   OK
    testing: SQLitening/slCopyDatabase.inc   OK
    testing: SQLitening/slDisconnect.inc   OK
    testing: SQLitening/slExe.inc     OK
    testing: SQLitening/slExeBind.inc   OK
    testing: SQLitening/slF.inc       OK
    testing: SQLitening/slFN.inc      OK
    testing: SQLitening/slFNX.inc     OK
    testing: SQLitening/slFX.inc      OK
    testing: SQLitening/slGetChangeCount.inc   OK
    testing: SQLitening/slGetColumnCount.inc   OK
    testing: SQLitening/slGetColumnName.inc   OK
    testing: SQLitening/slGetColumnNumber.inc   OK
    testing: SQLitening/slGetError.inc   OK
    testing: SQLitening/slGetErrorNumber.inc   OK
    testing: SQLitening/slGetFile.inc   OK
    testing: SQLitening/slGetHandle.inc   OK
    testing: SQLitening/slGetInsertID.inc   OK
    testing: SQLitening/slGetRow.inc   OK
    testing: SQLitening/slGetStatus.inc   OK
    testing: SQLitening/slGetTableColumnNames.inc   OK
    testing: SQLitening/slGetTableNames.inc   OK
    testing: SQLitening/slGetUnusedSetNumber.inc   OK
    testing: SQLitening/slIsColumnNameValid.inc   OK
    testing: SQLitening/slIsColumnNumberValid.inc   OK
    testing: SQLitening/slIsFieldNull.inc   OK
    testing: SQLitening/slIsOpen.inc   OK
    testing: SQLitening/slIsSetNumberValid.inc   OK
    testing: SQLitening/slOpen.inc    OK
    testing: SQLitening/slPopDatabase.inc   OK
    testing: SQLitening/slPopSet.inc   OK
    testing: SQLitening/slPushDatabase.inc   OK
    testing: SQLitening/slPushSet.inc   OK
    testing: SQLitening/slPutFile.inc   OK
    testing: SQLitening/slRunProc.inc   OK
    testing: SQLitening/slSel.inc     OK
    testing: SQLitening/slSelAry.inc   OK
    testing: SQLitening/slSelStr.inc   OK
    testing: SQLitening/slSetProcessMods.inc   OK
    testing: SQLitening/slSetRelNamedLocks.inc   OK
    testing: SQLitening/SQLitening_v130_Lib.zip   OK
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Fred Meier

I do not know where you may have gotten the file SQLiteningInc_v140.zip file.  I notice there is also a file called SQLitening_v130_Lib.zip.

Rolf Brandt

December 23, 2010, 08:20:55 pm #2 Last Edit: December 23, 2010, 08:24:36 pm by Rolf Brandt
Hi Jim

these files were created by me for the use of SQLitening with FireFly3's Functions Library. They are to help you to always have the right syntax at hand in FireFly. They do not belong in the SQLitening folder but rather in the FireFly functions folder.

Here is the original link:

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Jim Dunn

"Ok, yes... I like pie... hate roman numerals."

Rolf Brandt

These include files do not have any code, you still need the dll's and SQLitening.inc file.

They work that way in FF3, that if you write the name of a function you will be given its parameters in the tooltip to it.
Or you just doubleclick the function and you the full syntax there and just insert the values.

slBuildInsertOrUpdate ( rsTable_As_String, rsValues_As_String, [rsColumns_As_String, rsWhere_As_String] )
I like to cook with wine - sometimes I even add it to the food.