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Using SQLitening in two DLL's called from the same program

Started by Fim, February 05, 2011, 05:47:18 AM

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I have a program (PowerBasic) A.EXE which is calling U1.DLL and U2.DLL in order to
Fim W

Fred Meier

QuoteMust I have a slConnect and a slOpen in both U1.DLL an U2.DLL?
No, you only want a single slConnect and a single slOpen per process (or
thread if multi-threading).  So the first Dll called must do the connect
and open.  If you don't know which Dll is called first then each Dll would
have something like the following:
      if parse$(slGetStatus(3), 2) = "0" then slConnect
   if isfalse slIsOpen then slOpen

QuoteAnd how about Set Number when I first do a


Fim W