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Get Unique Records

Started by Jeffrey Smith, March 30, 2011, 05:24:16 PM

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Jeffrey Smith

Is it possible to get Unique records?  I would like to save the different values from a field into an array.  In the example below, the field "Node" has thousands of values that are the same.

Example Code

HabFields = "WYType,Node,HydSet,FS,Year,Month,JulDay,Discharge"
  For X = 1 To NumLS%
    HabFields = HabFields & "," & LSNames$(L%)
  Next X
  slEXE "Create Table If Not Exists Habitat (" & HabFields & ")"

'Write data to the records

slSel "Select Node from Habitat WHERE Node is Unique"     '< something like that

Fred Meier

slSel "Select Distinct Node from Habitat"

Jeffrey Smith