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August 03, 2020, 11:58:47 pm


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New Version Question

Started by Marty Francom, July 07, 2011, 06:01:23 pm

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Marty Francom

I notice that the new version zip file does not contain the zLib.DLL file.   Is this file no longer required?

Fred Meier

Quote6. CHANGED -- the name of ZLib.Dll to SQLiteningZLib.Dll to avoid conflicts
    with other application that also use ZLib, but a different one.  There
    are two freely available, ZLib1.Dll and ZLibWApi.Dll which are normally
    renamed to just ZLib.Dll.  ZLibWApi.Dll has all the functions of ZLib.Dll
    plus the ability to create and read .Zip files.  ZLibWApi.Dll uses standard
    calling conventions while ZLib1.Dll uses the C calling convention therefore
    they are not interchangable.  ZLibWApi.Dll, renamed to SQLiteningZLib.Dll,
    is the one used with SQLiteing.  The prior ZLib.Dll distributed by SQLitening
    should be deleted from your running folders.