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Want to download old version of SQLITENING (1.4)

Started by John Lever, September 25, 2011, 07:08:14 am

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John Lever

Dear Fred, Paul, Rolf ....,

I hope you are well ?

I have been getting what I hope are false positives on ant-virus scanning for sqliteningauxruts and zlib.dll from SQLITENING 1.4.

Since I have been very happily using SQLITENING 1.4 for a long time without any contra indications and am very happy with it  (I am not at present using sqlitengauxruts at present though) - I would like to get access to the SQLITENING 1.4 download ie be able to download it again so I know I have a 'clean'  version to work with (1.4 is stable and great for my needs - so I do not at present want to upgrade to 1.5).

I can put sqlitening 1.4 (newly downloaded) on a USB drive and run the various antivirus/antimalware checkers on it and let you know if I get any false positives and with which virus checkers - I will also let you know if it is reported clean for which antivirus/antimalware checkers).

My Best Regards,
John Lever

John Lever

Dear Fred,

I have checked out the SQLITENING 1.4 download you indicated with all the following anti virus/spyware tools : SuperAntiSpyware, AVAST, SPYBOT S&D, LAVASOFT AD-AWARE, TREND MICRO SYSCLEANER, EMSISOFT (used to be A SQUARED), CLAMWINPORTABLE.

All the SQLITENING 1.4 download was completely clean when checked with every one of these antvirus/antispyware applications.

Thanks for your help.

Best Regards,