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SQLite3 dll speed issue...

Started by Marc Giao, October 18, 2011, 05:17:46 PM

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Marc Giao

Hi All,

First and foremost, Fred, thank you for the latest release and all your effort.

Now for my puzzle, I

Sean Roe

Been following an issue over on the SQLite forums through email and there was someone else mentioning about a speed problem and that you should go hear for the answer: http://www.sqlite.org/src/ci/27c65d4d9c?sbs=0

And that upgrading to 3.7.8 will fix it.

Here is part of the email i received:

> Likely you are hitting a problem causing SQLite to create an automatic
> index for this type of query. Fixed here:
> Updating to 3.7.8 should fix it.
That's it!, I've set
PRAGMA automatic_index = false;
and it's back to normal speed.

Seems a very long hold up just for creating an index though - It's a very
small table really, < 100 rows.

Anyway happy enough with a workaround for now, appreciate your help.


Fred Meier

I have not noticed any problem with  Keep us posted if 3.7.8 fixes problem.

Marc Giao

Hi Sean,

Thanks for the pointer, I am happy to report 3.7.8 does indeed fix the problem! I haven't tried using "PRAGMA automatic_index = false" with earlier versions to see if it also resolves the problem.

I can't say I understand what's happening/going on but 3.7.8 does resolves the speed issue.

Thanks for the help Sean and Fred for a great product... isn't this forum great?!?!

Best Regards,


Marc Giao

And using:

slEXE( "PRAGMA automatic_index = false", "E" )

Resolves the issue with version! However, 3.7.8 still seems to be faster to me, athough 3.7.8's faster speed versus is strictly based on observation and not on hard testing.

Best Regards,


D. Wilson

How / Where do I get the updated DLL ??

Marc Giao

Easy :)

The second download under "Precompiled Binaries For Windows" in the following link:



D. Wilson

Just finished downloading. Thanks for the fast reply.