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Started by Andrew Petterson, July 10, 2012, 01:46:48 PM

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Andrew Petterson


I love database engines.
I love testing things in different databases and always seem to find the boundaries.
I currently use MSSQL for all my major projects but love trying other bases for smaller projects.
I know Paul from his cheetah database so I am intrigued to see what he is involved in here.


Paul Squires

Hi Andrew,

Welcome aboard!

SQLitening is not based on code that I've written. Fred Meier is the brains behind this one. I had a client/server version written and was continuing to grow it and refine it. One day, Fred contacted me and said that he was also working on a similar product. He was kind enough to show me what he had and it was very clear that his product was far ahead of mine in terms of functionality and real world testing. I decided then to scrap what I was doing and concentrate on Fred's code base. Fred is still the driving force behind the code - I mainly handle the support forum and act as a cheerleader for this great, free, open source, product!
Paul Squires <br />http://www.planetsquires.com<br />support@planetsquires.com