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Started by D. Wilson, July 31, 2012, 03:58:32 pm

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D. Wilson

There are some new functions in version 1.6. I do not see these functions in the inc file. I am using the 'special' inc file
Do I apply these function to the server or client. . The calls I am inquiring about is slIsDatabaseNameValid and slIsTableNameValid.

Fred Meier

Oops, I forgot to add those two new funtions to the Sepecial and Universial API's.  I wll add and post them ASAP.

D. Wilson

Much appreciated. Thanks for the fast response

Fred Meier

I have added the two new functions. You may download here http://www.sqlitening.com/support/index.php?topic=3468.0


IsTableNameValid  - SQLitening.Inc OPTIONAL removed
This probably affects the other interfaces.

REM DECLARE FUNCTION slIsTableNameValid LIB "SQLitening.Dll" ALIAS "slIsTableNameValid" (BYVAL rsTableName AS STRING, OPTIONAL BYVAL rsDatabaseName AS STRING) AS LONG

Change to:
DECLARE FUNCTION slIsTableNameValid LIB "SQLitening.Dll" ALIAS "slIsTableNameValid" (BYVAL rsTableName AS STRING) AS LONG

SQLitening.BAS/DLL does not accept accept a second parameter so it should be removed from the DECLARE

Here is slIsTableNameValid in SQLitening.bas (notice no second parameter is accepted)

'======================<[ Is Table Name Valid ]>=======================
FUNCTION slIsTableNameValid ALIAS "slIsTableNameValid" (BYVAL rsTableName AS STRING)EXPORT AS LONG
'   Returns %True if TableName is valid(exist, has been created). Returns
'   %False if it is not valid. If two or more tables in different databases
'   have the same name, add the database-name prefix.

   IF LEN(slGetTableColumnNames(rsTableName)) THEN FUNCTION = %True


Bern Ertl

Thanks cj. Good catch.