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Started by JamesAGant, October 03, 2012, 09:24:06 PM

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I also registered in the past. I missed the policy about posting an introduction. I am happy to do so.

I inherited an multi-user application using Microsoft Jet database. Sometimes wrongfully referred to as an Access database. There are several programs that use this database written in VB6, Delphi5, and Powerbasic DLLs.

I developed tests using the database converted to Sqlite. Sqlite is faster and probably more reliable. But Sqlite is not multi-user, however...with SQLitening it sure can be. A Sql Server would be over-kill for this project and more expense. I also considered MySQL and Firebird. But a SQLite database seems to be a simpler solution.

I want to thank all you for developing SQLitening.

James A Gant

Fred Meier

QuoteSqlite is not multi-user, however...with SQLitening it sure can be.
Yes, SQLite is not true multiuser but we use SQLitening in local mode A-OK with lots of users.  Just make sure your local-area-network locking is sound.  Of course, if you are on the internet or your LAN locking is not reliable then your can use SQLitening in remote mode.