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Hello from Italy!

Started by The Tramp, October 08, 2012, 06:12:00 PM

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The Tramp

I'm a professional AS7400 programmer but at home I like to play with power basic, the obvious upgrade from commodore basic, Basica, GWBasic, QB45 and PDS7,1 whichI used at home.

I needed a database wrapper for PB and had a few fights with Cheetah, both 2 and 4. Then I thought about SQL, found SQLite and, while looking and found some simple wrappers, I saw this on a comment:
     'simple little class for working with local SQLite databases
    '   need: latest DLL from SQLite.org
    '   check http://planetsquires.com/ for heavy duty SQLite work

And here I am! I registered, got the wrapper, worded my head off to implement it on my project, works like a charm, came back to do some reading to find my account cancelled!

I sent a PM to Mr Squires, and he explained me that he deletes accounts that do not write a message....  :-[