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SQLitening Version 1.60 Released (1.60.5 December 6, 2012)

Started by Fred Meier, July 21, 2012, 12:24:29 PM

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Fred Meier

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Quote#====================<[ Version 1.6 July 22, 2012 ]>====================
1. Fixed bug in slBuildInsertOrUpdate where a value of only . or - or +
    was incorrectly considered to be numeric.

2. Changed SQLiteningServer to show the server version number in
    the Log whenever the service is started.

3. Changed SQLiteningServer to include more CriticalSections when doing
    read/write of flat files.

4. The ImHere thread in SQLiteningClient was not being stopped correctly
    causing memory errors.

5. The TCP socket was not being properly closed in SQLiteningClient causing
    memory leaks.
6. Fixed bug in SQLiteningServer that was not deleting the files in the Temp
    folder if the database was closed using slClose.

7. Fixed bug in SQLiteningServer that was creating unneeded files in the Temp
    folder for smaller select statements.

8. Added a MutEx synchronizing event in SQLiteningClient to prevent the ImHere
    message to be sent while sending/receiving a real message.

9. Fixed bug in SQLiteningClient that was not handling the timer going pas
    midnight in the ImHere routine

10. Fixed bug in SQLiteningServer that was using Word instead of Dword to store
    the timer value.

11. Added version info to the Dll's and Exe so you are able to determine the version
    by viewing the properties.

12. Added slGetStatus(5) which returns the elapsed seconds since last message sent
    to server. Will always return an empty string if running in local mode.

13. Changed SQLitening to close all open sets in slDisconnect.

14. Changed SQLitening to correctly report a TCP timeout as error -18.

15. Added the F ModChar to the slSel commands.  This can be used to change the size
    of the first Row Data Chunk (RDC) which normally defaults to half the size of
    MaxChunkSize which is set in the Config file.

16. Fixed the tool in QLiteningServerAdmin to kill an active connection. It was
    not working properly.

17. Added a new tool to SQLiteningServerAdmin which will display the version
    numbers of the currently running SQLiteningServer and SQLite.

18. Added a seventh flag to the slGetStatus -- 3 = Return SQLitening flag settings.
              7 = One if a SQLite library is loaded.
                      (Local = SQLite3.DLL, Remote = SQLiteningClient.DLL)

19. Added a :LogNote: file name to slPutFile. The FileData is written to the remote
    log as a Note entry.  The Note entry is also new.

20. Improved slGetTableColumnNames to allow for qualifying the table name with
    a database name.  Previously would only work with tables in the Main database.

21. Added the slIsDatabaseNameValid function which will returns %True if DatabaseName
    is valid(opened or attached).

22. Added the slIsTableNameValid function which returns %True if TableName is
    valid(exist, has been created).

23. Added the new MaxConnections entry to the SQLiteningServerCfg file. Controls the number
    of concurrent connections.

24. Added slGetStatus(6) which returns the SQLitening and SQLite version numbers.

25. Added two new SQLitening Error Codes. 
      -22 - The max concurrent connections (set in Cfg file) was exceeded.
      -23 - SQLitening.Dll, SQLiteningClient.Dll, and SQLiteningServer.Exe
            must all be the same file version number.  Note that this error
            was returned as -8 in earlier versions

26. Update SQLite3.Dll to the version 3.7.13 dated June 11, 2012.

27. Added several re-declares to SQLitening.Inc to allow you to use
     WString data types in PB. You must uncomment them to use.  You can
     also re-name them to anything you like.

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Fred Meier

I failed to add the two new function (slIsDatabaseNameValid and slIsTableNameValid) to the Special and Universial API's.  I have attached the six files (two .Dll, two .Inc, and two .Bas)  which now include the two new functions.

Fred Meier

Fixed bug when passing a database handle across threads in remote mode.  If you are not using threads then there is no reason to get this fix.

Special care is required when passing the database handle to a created thread.  Below is doc from slOpen:
Quote*** CAUTION ***            *** CAUTION ***
        Incorrect use of a database handle will cause severe errors!!  Handles must
        come from the same processing mode (Remote mode handles can only be used in
        remote mode and local mode handles can only be used in local mode).
        -- NEVER use a local mode handle in remote mode, it will crash the server.
        -- NEVER use a remote mode handle in local mode, it will crash your process.
        -- NEVER close a database handle in the starting thread while it is still being
           in the created thread.

This attachment only contains contains the changed modules!

Fred Meier

Fixed but in slExeBind that would sometimes store invalid integer or real numbers.

This attachment only contains contains the changed modules!

Fred Meier

Fixed all the array scan commands so they would not execute when the array is not dimensioned.

            Tis attachment only contains the changed modules!

Fred Meier

Fixed the return version routines in SQLiteningClient and SQLiteningServer.
They would fail only if you are  doing multi connects within threads.

            Tis attachment only contains the changed modules!