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Started by cg2013, July 08, 2013, 04:46:59 AM

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Looking to use SQLite for VBA application to run on Windows 7-64 accessing a SQLite db on the local Windows machine, as well as another SQLite db on a remote Linux Apache server. SQLitening looked like it might do it, but on closer examination I find that the Server components are in Power Basic, which means a server running either DOS or Windows. Appears to be close but no cigar unless someone has rewritten the server routines to run under Linux. Otherwise looks like a good system.

Paul Squires

Welcome! You're right, the server would need to run Windows unless you could try running it under Wine (I don't think anyone here has tried that).
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Rolf Brandt

Seems the lates versions of Wine do now support Windows Services. Check here:


In case you give it a try I would love to here your experience.

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