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hi to everyone

Started by Mete, October 08, 2013, 02:48:20 PM

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My name is Mete and I am a developer from Canada. I am programming in PB and that brought me here to try the PB wrapper version of SQLite. I have programmed in various languages like VB6, C#, PB, javascript etc. Currently I am working on a project, where as I have decided to write the Domain Model entirely in PB. My reason? Well, PB has an extremely small overhead, it produces COM objects which can be called from almost any language, PB is extremely fast, you avoid carrying runtimes and MS looks like to be favoring COM again (WinRT) or at least all believe that COM programming is here to stay for a very long time. I am using other languages only for my View Modeling. This will enable me to convert only my frontend View Model to another language, while I keep the bulk of my code in COM Dlls created by PB (i.e. if there is a need for changing my View Model in the future as a result of platform compatibility etc.). I believe in simplicity in design and keep away from big overheads, libraries, foundations etc., especially when MS is creating a new technology almost every year only to drop it the following year....
I would like to thank to the developers of this SQlite wrapper "SQLitening" for devoting their time and energy to create a very useful tool for free for the developer community. Thanks very much...

Paul Squires

Welcome Mete! Hope SQLitening meets your needs.

I'm a developer from Canada also who programs in PB   :)

Bern Ertl

Hi Mete, welcome to the forum.  Glad to see another PB programmer here.  :)