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Windows 7

Started by D. Wilson, October 01, 2013, 10:08:18 PM

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D. Wilson

Ok I have to break some habits. I have always created my own directory (not under Program Files) and placed my program/data files  in those directories. I have found this to be very reliable in the past and has worked excellent for my needs.

But with Windows 7 -- Windows will not allow you to save to those directories without  setting the program to Administor level. However when I set a program for Adminstrator access - I get the pop up asking if I would like to allow the program to make changes to the computer.

It also does not like the app.path statement to get the path of the software. I used to create a file there where I kept all my settings.

What is the best approach to saving data and allowing user permissions on Windows 7 ??

Also does this effect SQLitening running in the client/server mode ??

Any thoughts or  advice would be greatly appreciated.

Bern Ertl

As I understand it, if you install the SQLitening server in it's own folder off the root, like:


Instead of in a folder inside the \Program Files\ folder, you won't have problems with Windows 7 security settings - ie. the server can store databases in sub-folders to the server application folder.

It probably would be a "best practices" improvement for SQLItening to be enhanced to include some calls/functions that allow SQLitening clients to direct the server to store databases in the Windows approved application data folders.  It should be too hard to implement either - just a function to poll the server app for the application's data folder.  Then it's on the SQLitening client to create the database in the correct folder (or sub-folder).