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October 25, 2021, 07:50:51 PM


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Hello, I'm new comer (again) ^^

Started by vincentchan, October 16, 2013, 06:52:24 PM

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Hello, everybody,

I've registered on 2011 when I purchase PB and Firefly and know Sqlistening, but no post and also overlook the message from the forum, so my account.... have been deleted haha..

It's really shame of not using and study PB and Firefly due to too busy and also lazy to study and reading on past. But now have gotten the time to pickup everything and start to learn them.

My programming language are using Clipper on my work before, use VB when change to windows environment.

Now trying PB + Firefly + sqlistening to do some application for my work ^^

Have a nice day everybody  ;D

Rolf Brandt

Welcome Vincent,

I also start db programming with dBaseIII and Clipper (mostly with Clipper of Summer 87 and Clipper 5).

I like to cook with wine - sometimes I even add it to the food.


Hi Rolf,

The first database program using are dbase II under apple 2 w/z80 card environment, I used it to store the phone nos  :D

It's quite attractive programming language for me to study at that time  :P

After dbase 4, I change to use clipper 87 until clipper 5, then change to foxplus, the last one use are foxpro, it's pity that Microsoft get the foxpro and put it on a side.

In personal, I like to use clipper 5 and foxpro under dos mode, foxpro for windows seems add the Window's GUI coat on foxpro, dislike to use it  :P

It's seems xbase age are gone, most database language are SQL :(