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Started by D. Wilson, February 03, 2014, 08:09:09 PM

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D. Wilson

I have noticed a lot of activity on the Power Basic Forums regarding companies (including Paul's) severing ties with Power Basic. The question I have is where does that leave us ?? Who is hosting the forum ?? I know SQLitening is open source but we never know what the future holds.

Paul Squires

There is talk that a "representative" for PowerBASIC will post some information in the coming days. Will that happen? Who knows. We've been waiting for 14 months for something to happen and there has been virtually nothing. I wouldn't hold my breath.

I (Paul Squires) host this forum. The hosting and domain are under my control. I have no plans of closing it down. Of course, if there are any SQLitening gurus here that want to take over ownership of the domain, forum and all post and source codes, then simply pop me an email and we can discuss. I would only transfer this stuff to someone I know and can trust.
Paul Squires <br />http://www.planetsquires.com<br />support@planetsquires.com

D. Wilson

Thanks for the response.

Personally I would prefer to have you maintain the forum. Also It would be nice to have one 'official' set of code for the server.

Bottom line for me is -- SQLitening works great for my needs. I have just installed a full system on a Windows 7 network and everything works flawless. And I have done some testing on Windows 8 and so far everything is great.