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SQLitening server failed to install.

Started by Fim, November 26, 2014, 01:16:59 PM

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Can anyone give a hint about where to look for the error?

/Fim W.
Fim W

Paul Squires

Do you have full administrator rights for the computer that SQLitening is being installed on??? SQLitening server installs as a service and you would need admin rights to do that.
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I run as administrator. But I have heard that there is some form of Super Administrator. I'll look into it.

/Fim W.
Fim W


1) Check the Compatability tab, Change setting for all users, Run this program as an administrator.
2) Check that router is forwarding the server port to the server machine say  51234 to
If forwarding ,verify it hasn't changed from command line by typing IPCONFIG to see IPv4 Address
3) Check that the firewall isn't blocking connections (or turn off while checking)
4) Check anti-virus or malware programs haven't blocked SqliteningServer.exe (or turn off while checking)

5) Check SQLiteningServer.Cfg
Port =  port server is using
Hosts = LocalHost, Ip Address or machine name
If using an IP address on Hosts line, verify it hasn't changed from command line by typing IPCONFIG to see IPv4 Address

Example only:
Port = 51234
Hosts = LocalHost

Please let us know what it was


I have to run the program as an administrator. It is not enough that my account is an administrator account. So now is its running.

Now next problem.
When i try to connect to the server using LABBET as server namne, I receive --16 Can not connect after 25 seconds.
If  i use \\LABBET as server name, i receive -16 immediately.

I will do check 2, 3 and 4.
Th SQLiteningServer.Cfg have I never changed.

Fim W.
Fim W


Oh, server is running.
Trying connect using the IP address of the server.
slconnect "",12345

In SQLiteningServer.CFG, please try:
Hosts =
Stop/start server


Now it is working.
1 Hosts =   That's the adress of the PC where the server is running. does not work.
2 Turn of the firewall on the server. 

Thanks for the help

/Fim W.
Fim W

Rolf Brandt

Quote127.0.0.1 does not work.
It will work only, if the cliet application is on the same machine as the server.

Instead of the IP adress ( you can also use the name of the computer, like "MyClientNo1" or whatever name your computer has. This is usually the better solution. Sometimes the DNS Server might assign a new ip adress to your client computer and the client will not find the server anymore. If you use the server's name this will be no problem.

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You ar right.
I am now using the name of the computer instead of IP address, works fine.

/Fim W.
Fim W