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I started a new (one year?) project.

Started by ken_anthony, July 16, 2016, 02:56:24 AM

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Hi all,

I don't know my way around here but could use some kind words. I self taught myself HP2000F timeshared basic in the late 70s (It took one afternoon, my first program was stored on a paper tape wheel about a yard across.) I've owned many tools from bascom, masm, Lattice C, etc. My last job was 12 years ago. I maintained and upgraded a single VB6 project with over a million lines of code for almost ten years (as part of a team, then over a year by myself) before Microsoft pulled out the rug. Since then I bought Delphi, PureBasic and Power BASIC (9 and 10.)

I'm used to writing multiuser client/server products but since being disabled (not worked since 2004... What a double whammy!) I have not found the tools I needed. Since I found SQLitening this last week I'm thinking perhaps now I have, but I have a few questions...

I just purchased a domain name (the one I tested last week got snatched up) and will probably be ready to do some testing on a host in three or four months. Most of the internet runs on Linux but PowerBASIC is, for now, windows only. I'm impress with the performance of SQLitening (I tried SQLite in PureBasic a couple of years ago which caused me to conclude my programming life was over...) Anyway I need to know if SQLitening can handle the load of many (very many!) internet users? How many is what I need to know before committing another year of my life to this project? I expect 24/7 usage by as many as I can attract (not ALL at the same time of course!)

That's the main question but I have others. Should I write a host program to run on the server or just run SL as a service? The other questions can wait. Thanks.   ...ken


Transactions over the internet are not secure.


SQLitening will handle many connections and users.
Just disconnect them when done.

If using threads, be sure they properly allocate example.


Quote from: cj on July 16, 2016, 12:42:59 PM
Transactions over the internet are not secure.

So if I use encryption it goes over the internet unencrypted, then is just encrypted for storage by the service end?