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setting up cloud server

Started by ken_anthony, August 06, 2016, 05:00:21 PM

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Took my 30 minute programmer's nap. Now I'm fresh as a daisy...except for the bad heart and 17 other things trying to kill me!

Virtual hosts running Windows probably wouldn't allow running a service or any executable unless you rent the machine.
Again, confused about cloud services being mentioned.

That's why I'm using 1&1.com. They will let me run this program and it's a good deal. Do you have the service running anywhere on the internet?


if you had access to my server... do you think you might be able to figure out the problem? I know I'm asking a lot.


Sorry... I was out of it.

got error -16 can not connect.

both local and on server.



I'm groggy, but I don't understand this line...

slConnect "xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx",12345


same error, but this time showing new server and port.


Let me get to that. In other news, my new domain (http://planetplots.com/) seems to have propagated to the dns I'm using. Shhh... not really ready to give that out yet... oh well.


AVG is a virus. I can't seem to get rid of it. As far as my own firewall. I'm looking at it, but can't make heads or tails out of it. I'm actually having more success managing my remte server. Give me some time to figure it out.


AVG & firewall off... still can not connect.


can't get much more basic than that... same error.


I've got to get some sleep and will be dealing with 1&1 support in the morning. I really appreciate your help. I've got to get these things figured out, but today may not be the day.


I'm going out of my freakin mind. I got a new server on godaddy. I set properties to run as admin. I turned off the firewall because I can't figure out how to just open a freakin port. You may replace 'freakin' with any damned blasphemy you can think up.

I'm dead. I'm tired. I'm about ready to take a shotgun to my computer. The only place SQLitening works remotely is if I dont run it on a remote machine.

The good news is godaddy will only charge me $130 and still not fix my problem.

I blew three months savings last night. I'm done.


Threatening computer with shotgun seems to have helped. SQLitening is now running on my server using unmodified CFG file. I still have no idea how to manage the firewall. SQLitening  is running with no changes to the firewall and I haven't done any tests beyond getting it to work. I've temporarily stowed away my harry carry knives.


Turning the firewall completely off doesn't allow me to connect. I'm stumped. Changing any parameter in the config file doesn't allow me to install the service. I assume default port means 51234 which would be fine if it worked.

What is the proper way to manage the firewall on a remote windows server? I haven't a clue. All control panel seems to allow is totally off or on.


I missed the second page of this old thread.
Not sure what you mean by cloud server?  You must be running Windows.
I am assuming this is a virtual server.

Did you get it working?  Sorry, this is months later and I don't see anyone responded.

1. Control panel, firewall, advanced settings,inbound rules, Add new rule, port
    Firewall Inbound connection to the port like 51234 must be enabled and allow all remote ports.
2. Be sure no anti-virus is blocking program
3. Edit \bin\sqliteningserver.cfg
Port =  51234             (replace with port number allowed through firewall.)
Hosts =  (replace with ip address used to connect to remote desktop.)
Restart/start sqliteningserver.exe (service)

I am assuming it is running in your virtual server so you don't control the entire machine.