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Field Reports - Success Stories

Started by D. Wilson, January 23, 2017, 03:43:58 pm

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D. Wilson

I have been using SQLitening for several years now with great success. I would like to 'hear' what other peoples stories have been. What has been the largest install in the way of users/database sizes. Has you encountered any issues that would worth sharing ??

Paul Squires

I would also like to hear these stories! Hopefully SQLitening is being used in many different ways.

Bern Ertl

I'm still developing my SQLitening app.  When it's done, installations will be on fairly small networks (typically 1-10 users).  I'll be happy to share when I get there.


A program to help in the solution of crosswords. A database of 4,300,000 Swedish words. SQLitening running Local.
All in swedish, www.ordkors.se
/Fim W.
Fim W

Fredrick Ughimi

Hello All,

I have had and still having success with SQLitening. I developed all my business applications with SQLitening. Over the years I have successfully developed applications such as:

1. Hospital Management Information Software (Mega-Net HospitalPro)

2. Church Management Information Software (Mega-Net ChurchPro)

3. Enterprise Resource Planning Software (Mega-Net SuitePro)

4. Hotel Management Information Software (Mega-Net GuestsPro)

5. School Management Information Software (Mega-Net SchoolPro)

There are others for Pilgrimage, Anthropometry, Pharmacy, Gymnasium, etc that I don't market any more.

My gratitude and regards to everyone  that has made SQLitening possible. I also dough my hat to this awesome forum for all the assistance.

Best regards,
Fredrick O. Ughimi<br /><br />fughimi@gmail.com<br />- Freedom lies in being bold -- Robert Frost, Poet

Frank W. Kelley

SQLite/Lightning has been my go-to DB solution for so long now, I have difficulty remembering exactly what I used previously.

At the moment, I'm finishing up an application that mimics a radio station, allowing a user to program his own "station" on his PC (for those who have always felt they can do a better job of programming than the guys actually on the radio). Perhaps my 30 years in radio broadcasting had something to do with this idea. The program uses two MCI controls to allow overlapping of music. Each song can be edited to apply custom mix points and tempo-matching, just like on the radio. (By the way, I'm listening to "my" oldies station as I write this.)

The important point from this board's perspective is that under PBWin 10 and SQLite, the application can import song files (mp3 or wav), parsing the file names in the format "title_artist.wav", or just by title if there is no underscore or dash in the file name. Moreover, it also updates an existing database, recognizing when new songs have been added to the song source directory and deleting any that have been removed. And it keeps tabs on artists, so the listener can prevent the same artist repeating too often.

Oh, it does all this for a library of 500+ songs in 0.03274 seconds (time varies from run to run, but always under 0.04 seconds).

The power of PBWin's ARRAY command and SQLite makes it possible. Truly a remarkable combination.