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SQL Update Question

Started by D. Wilson, December 15, 2017, 05:12:26 PM

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D. Wilson

I know sqlite is typeless in column types. I am stumped. I would like to update the value of a field however. If the field is null it will not update the field. For Example:
                               Update INVENTORY set qty_on_hand = qty_on_hand + 5 Where Itemcode ='Item Code'

                         If the original value is 10. The server would update it to 15.
                         If the original value is null (no value in the field). The server does not apply the change.

Any help and insights would be greatly appreciated.

D. Wilson

I did a work around and added and additional sqlstatement checking for isnull. But if there is an easier way I would appreciate any insights.

Bern Ertl

December 15, 2017, 06:47:03 PM #2 Last Edit: December 15, 2017, 06:49:00 PM by Bern Ertl
To update all cases:

Update INVENTORY set qty_on_hand = ifnull(qty_on_hand,0) + 5 Where Itemcode ='Item Code'


To filter out NULL cases:

Update INVENTORY set qty_on_hand = qty_on_hand + 5 Where Itemcode ='Item Code' AND qty_on_hand IS NOT NULL


December 15, 2017, 10:16:40 PM #3 Last Edit: December 16, 2017, 12:01:48 PM by cj
Insight: Get rid of NULL because they are not needed
slexe  "update t1 set Onhand = 0  where OnHand is null"

Bern has given complete answer

#INCLUDE "sqlitening.inc"
slopen "sample.db3"
slexe  "drop table if exists t1"
slexe  "create table if not exists t1(Code unique,OnHand integer)"
slexe  "insert into t1 values('code1',0)"
slexe  "insert into t1 values('code2',0)"
slexe  "insert into t1 values('code3',null)"
slexe  "update t1 set OnHand = OnHand + 1 where code = 'code1'"
slexe  "update t1 set Onhand = OnHand + 2 where code = 'code2'"
slexe  "update t1 set Onhand = ifnull(Onhand,0) + 3 where code = 'code3'"
slselary "select * from t1",s(),"Q9"

D. Wilson

Add the ifnull to sqlstatement worked like a charm.

I want to thank those who jumped in and helped solve this. I spent hours trying to 'find' then answer on my own.