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Receive Email and Alert notifications

Started by cj, June 07, 2022, 12:50:06 PM

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I wondered why I wasn't receiving email alerts.
The button has to be changed to receive email alerts in upper right corner.

I have not yet received a notification.

Fredrick Ughimi

Hi CJ,

I don't receive notifications anymore too Remedy?

Kind regards.
Fredrick O. Ughimi<br /><br />fughimi@gmail.com<br />- Freedom lies in being bold -- Robert Frost, Poet


In each thread there is a button that needs to be clicked to enable alerts!
I am now getting them.
Click "Not following" to "Receive Email and Alerts" by clicking on the button.
It has to be done in each forum to subscribe to a topic.

We must see a button at the bottom right saying "RECEIVE EMAIL AND ALERTS"


Let me know if you get email alerts working!!
I'm guessing you have the "Not Following" option as the default, like I did.