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SQLitening + VB.Net2019

Started by xela, March 04, 2023, 07:23:57 AM

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Hello everyone
I just discovered the existence of SQLitening that it can help me to solve a remote connection problem with my sqlite DB.
I need help and I'm turning to all of you.
Is anyone using SQLitening with VB.Net 2019 or higher?
Thanks for your replies


Searched for VB.NET and .NET in upper right corner and found some hits like this.
Might send a private message to someone in any link found.

Sqlitening does no encryption over the internet and does not use certificates.
A middleware program between the client and server could do that.

SQLitening is a pure joy to work with so I hope you can use it.
I would help on the SQLitening side as I don't use any .NET.

Call SQLite using .net  (just placed here as a reference.)

There is https://sqlabs.com/cubesql  (the 2-user version is free according to there site.)


Thanks CJ
I too read all the messages concerning VBNet and VB6 but they are a bit old and I was looking for confirmation that there are no problems with the latest versions of VBnet

I normally use VBNet to connect to a local DB SQLite.
I have problems there are when I try to do it remotely and in multiuser

I will try to contact someone directly here on the site.
Thanks again for your answer


Sorry CJ
I'm trying to send a personal message to Jonas Hdez
but when i press enter i get this message
"You are not allowed to access this section"
What am I missing?


Might consider adding an interpreter like PHP to your choice of server.
I use Abyss Web server which allows adding PHP as an extension.
Abyss also directly supports free TLS for life using LetsEncrypt.
It automatically updates itself each year once setup.  Everything is free!

I know people use SQLite as a backend with web pages so it might be a way to go.
I don't know why a private message would fail.  I'll try sending you one.

Note: I was not getting email notifications.  Apparently it is working for me now.
Also, if you are not receiving email alerts, there is a button to receive email alerts in upper right and lower right corner.
I think there is also some setting that may need to be set.


Did you receive an email alert  that I posted this message? :)

There are lots of settings by clicking down arrow to the right of your login name.
I have no idea of the default settings.


But I can't answer you. I am not authorized????
I will try to look at the settings